CONFLAGRACION – Luciftias – TAPE (Gold)

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Debut EP from this black metal spear available from January 31st.

Limited to 100 pieces
80 x Black
20 x Gold

Formed in San Salvador, El Salvador (Central America) by Morbid (Conceived by Hate, Disorder, Morbid Stench, Vomito Mortuorio, Destroyer Attack, ex-Invocation of Death, ex-Witchgöat, ex-Altar, ex-Scavenger) at middle of 2019 and months later joining forces with Deathhammer (Hell Poison, Devil, Eternal Violence, Cadaverise) from Teresina/Piauí, Brazil.

1. La Consumación de lo Impuro
2. Mahasatipatthana
3. Iadanamada
4. Delirio
5. 72 Legiones

Current Line-up:
Morbid – Vomitos & Resonancias Espectrales
Deathhammer – Tambores Infernais

Condition: Mint


Insert/Inlay/Booklet/Sleeve/Digipak: Mint

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