V/A – 27 Years Lost In The Shadow Land – Official Tribute To Ereshkigal – 2CD ON DVD FORMAT

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Label: Azermedoth Records – AZH-CD-163
2 x CD

1-1 Orandi Vaccum– Intro
1-2 Suicidal Nazareth– Ancient´ Summoning
1-3 Old Kingdom– The Journey…The Almighty
1-4 Manifestum Darkness– The Ancient Mirror Of Death
1-5 Crossbones Legion– Under The Chains Of Hell
1-6 Blasphemerection– Visionaries Of Hell
1-7 Old Serpent – Shadow´sLand
1-8 Luciferian Rites– Ereshkigal Holocausto
1-9 Execraris– Esoteric Black Blood
1-10 Winterthrone– The Black Stone
1-11 Atlaliyatl– In Penumbra
1-12 Xerión– Black Metal Storm
2-1 From Forgotten Being– Black Pentagram
2-2 A Mors Et Bello– Arrogancia y Elitismo
2-3 Alpheratz– Funeral Cry
2-4 Milicia Oscura– Winter
2-5 Inferna– Chaoswolf
2-6 Dark Forest – Aquelarre
2-7 Xoal– Long Way To Forest
2-8 Death Of Sanity– Intolerance
2-9 Black Pesten– Black Autumn
2-10 Agkistrodon– Inverted Cross
2-11 Necroneutron– The Power Of Darkness
2-12 Bastardi– In Penumbra
Double CD Compilation In DVD Box Of This Legendary Mexican Black Metal Band

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