INFERNAL DEMON Issue #9 / YOU DIED ZINE Issue #10 (Thailand) – FANZINE

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In English

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This issue features:

Infernal Demons #9 / You Died #10 (2011)
68 pg, A4, pro-printed, Englilsh

Interview (Infernal Demon side)
Satanika, Infernal Curse, Denouncement Pyre, Deathraiser, Radioactive Vomit, Raging Steel, Lobotomy

Interview (You Died side)
Wakedead Gathering, Ritual Torture, Adversarial, Winds Of Genocide, Blaspherion, Miasmal, War Master, Maim, Scaremaker, Bastard Priest, Disfigured Dead

Bio (Infernal Demon side)
Funeral Curse, Moshtruction, Riotor, Remains, Exdeth

Bio (You Died side)
Repugnant, Voids Of Vomit

A split zine! Half of this is Infernal Demon zine which is black/thrash related zine and flip on the other side you will have death metal related You Died zine. Infernal Demon page 1-32 and You Died page 33-66. Looking at the bands list, you can guess what are the concept of each zine. Both zines are the work of Jerasak, also the boss of Witchhammer Productions.

After carefully looking at the paper I think this is being printed using laser printer. Whatever it is, not really matter to me. The printing quality are excellent.

Both zine pages are numbered, with table of content of their own. Cut n paste layout with white text on dark background and using frame artwork. All artworks here are by Jerasak himself. Frame artwork by Skulldator and Sickness666. The layout is excellent. Lots of photos are used in the cut n paste background.

Good issue although the interviews are quite average. Beside band bio I listed above, there are also pornstar bio. Lots nude pictures too. Contact address of the bands compiled in 1 page at the last page of Infernal Demon.

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