CONFLAGRACION – Luciftias – LS (Large)

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CONFLAGRACION “Luciftias” Official LS

Limited to 18 pieces

Measures: 53.5cm x 73cm / Sleeve: 64.5cm

Debut EP from this black metal spear available from January 31st.

Formed in San Salvador, El Salvador (Central America) by Morbid (Conceived by Hate, Disorder, Morbid Stench, Vomito Mortuorio, Destroyer Attack, ex-Invocation of Death, ex-Witchgöat, ex-Altar, ex-Scavenger) at middle of 2019 and months later joining forces with Deathhammer (Hell Poison, Devil, Eternal Violence, Cadaverise) from Teresina/Piauí, Brazil.

1. La Consumación de lo Impuro
2. Mahasatipatthana
3. Iadanamada
4. Delirio
5. 72 Legiones

Current Line-up:
Morbid – Vomitos & Resonancias Espectrales
Deathhammer – Tambores Infernais

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