BESTIAL DESECRATION (Germany) – Issue #6 Regular Edition- FANZINE

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This issue features:

Bestial Desecration Fanzine #6


-Bestial Desecration Zine #6
-“Kruiz” Bonus Zine
-“Corpse Hammer” Poster
-Three Stickers

Ten bands have been chosen for the interviews this time and all of them got answered brutally honest and detailed as fukk in their very own ways:

-Perverse Rites (Peru)
-Holocausto War Metal (Brazil)
-Armagh (Poland)
-Cathartic (Mexico)
-Shitangel (US)
-Corpse Hammer (Sweden/Chile)
-Trupi Swad (Poland)
-Witchnight (Argentina)
-Supremative (Spain)
-Special Interview (Part 1): KRUIZ (Russia)
-Several Reviews, Biographies and lots of Underground Propaganda!!!

The Kruiz Interview was held with Val Gaina during a several hours-lasting video-call in which we’ve talked about the early days and evolution of “Young Voices” to “Kruiz”, struggles with the government and the life in general under a communist regime, etc… (this conversation became very personal and extremely long, so this issue will contain the first part of it – while the second part will follow with the next one!)

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