CONCEIVED BY HATE “Death & Beyond” 12″ LP Limited Edition will be released on August 13th also including Deathgasm Records (UNITED STATES) and Evil Domain Productions (ECUADOR).

Limited to 300 Copies:
100 x Black
100 x Clear
100 x White


CONCEIVED BY HATE “Death & Beyond” 12″ LP estara disponible a partir del proximo 13 de Agosto en conjunto con los sellos hermanos Deathgasm Records (ESTADOS UNIDOS) y Evil Domain Productions (ECUADOR).

Limitado a 300 Copias:
100 x Vinilo Negro
100 x Vinilo Transparente
100 x Vinilo Blanco

CONCEIVED BY HATE (El Salvador) “Death & Beyond”
Edition: 100 Black – 100 Clear – 100 White copies
Catalog Number: MSR-XIII
Format: 12″ LP
Release Date: August 13th, 2017